Gillette: How to alienate your customer base

Gillette seems to have forgotten its target customer.  Insulting men for being, well, men is not the most genius marketing strategy we have seen.  The frightening details of the Jaymie Closs kidnapping and murder of her parents are coming to light.  The suspect has confessed and what he did should scare any parent.

Does Florida need a cannabis director?  How about this-we call the appointee the Minister of Marijuana?  Is Florida Today, though the sale of parent company Gannett, on its way to more cuts?  This suitor is reported to be harsh in making cuts with little concern for product.

Finally, a fine idea from a local representative that only makes sense in the current political environment.

When polling reports “most Americans” don’t favor a border wall it makes us wonder- just who are they polling?

In today’s AFTERSHOW SHOW at 9:20 we’ll look at the claims of a man who attacked a detective in Miami, give a class in Drive Thru 101 and observe the power play between a college athlete and the professional leagues that desire his services.


The best a man can get?  Not Gillette!

Details coming out on Closs kidnapping/murder

Do we need a cannabis director?  AG Commissioner says so

Gannett on the auction block?

Bill would make city elections partisan (like they aren’t already)

Border wall- who is being polled?

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