This week's MICKnuggets- 01.07-11.19

01.07.19- Society Can’t Handle the Truth


Apparently the world is turning snowflake.  We can’t handle the truth anymore.  Case in point: Rebekah Wershbale in Cheshire, England.


The 34 year old mother wore a t-shirt into her local pub.  The shirt had the simple definition of a word printed thereon.  It read: “woman: noun- adult human female.”


The definition was simple, to the point and truthful.  It was most certainly not welcome.


It seems a gay man at the bar complained to staff that the message was transphobic and offensive.  He was even crying.  Maybe his transition was more complete than even he realized!


Staff got together and agreed with the man.  They then elected one lowly staffer to approach Rebekah and eject her from the premises because of her intolerance.


Even a Member of Parliament noted the irony of the intolerance of the pub in a woman displaying the truth.


Let’s hope we learn to be more tolerant than this pub.




01.08.19- Congrats, felons.  You’re no different than anyone else!


Amendment 4, granting most felons in Florida the right to vote once their sentences are completed, goes into effect today.


And while the League of Women Voters and other liberal activist groups are making a big deal of the day and urging former felons to overrun Supervisor of Elections offices with voter registrations, it’s all unnecessary.


Brevard SOE Lori Scott joined us on BML this morning and outlined the procedure for felons wishing to register to vote. 


It’s the same as for anyone else.


Go in person, register when you get your driver’s license or go online and register.  There is no special form; it’s the one everyone else uses.  Ta-da!  How easy was that?


So the League and other groups can cool their jets and let normalcy happen.  Isn’t that what reintegrating into society is all about?




10.09.19- Lober Law Unnecessary


This week D-2 County Commissioner Bryan Lober proposed a countywide law that would ban pet stores from selling dogs and cats unless they were from animal shelters or “hobby breeders.”


Lober claims the move is to assist in shutting down “puppy mills” and “kitten factories” that benefit from pet shop sales and to protect consumers from buying unhealthy pets.


We don’t elect commissioners to pursue their pet projects and personal passions with their lawmaking power.  I have no problem with Lober being an animal advocate, that’s commendable.  But, when he brings that personal agenda to his commission job, it’s deplorable and overreaching. 


It’s also unnecessary.  There is already state law to protect the consumer Lober claims to be protecting.  Health exams and certification are required every 30 days for these pets sold in stores.


How about we pursue “puppy mills” at the state level and leave these regulated, legitimate businesses alone?




01.10.19- Wasted days and wasted nights…


For now it seems the County Commission sees the futility of Commissioner Lober’s pet project to ban dog and cat sales in Brevard pet stores.  And while everyone concedes the horror of puppy mills and the like, there is little a county can do to impact that trade.


Now, the state level is a different story, but rather than recognize that there is existing law regulating health and condition of pets sold in Florida, the commission decided to waste the time and money of the County Attorney, the Sheriff and any consultants in trying to find something to take a bite out of puppy mills.


A much better use of their time would be to craft legislation and lobby the Brevard legislative delegation to carry it in Tallahassee that would eliminate any puppy mill-like providers in the state and require compliance for any provider selling to Florida pet stores.


What is currently being considered would only harm lawful business owners and their employees and no legitimate office holder wants that.




01.11.19- Brevard and the EDC


It’s about accountability.  I hope the EDC sees that and I’m glad the County Commission is taking steps in that direction.


In the past, the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast would bring projects to the commission for approval under some project code name in order to protect the identity of companies considering locating here.  I get that.  But then the EDC would not even tell commissioners who the company was and then expect a yes vote on tax breaks and the like.


That was wrong and stupid. 


So, it’s right that the commission voted this week to evaluate the return on investment of $1.4 million of our tax dollars in the EDC.


With a good business environment and competition for job providers being tighter around the country, it will be more difficult for economic development efforts to succeed.


And when our tax dollars are involved, it’s smart to make sure we get the most out of them.

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