The EDC, the Legislature & Business (some of it-monkey)

Sensitivity is a good thing- in moderation.  What we are seeing in today’s world is everyone is sensitive over silly things and it’s to the point of stupidity.  We begin our day there.

The County Commission is taking a look at the EDC.  One plan is to do away with the entity and absorb the function at the county.  That seems unlikely, but considering return on the county’s $1.4m annual investment is a good idea.

We’ll get our first legislative update of the year in our 7am hour with State Representative Tyler Sirois.  We’ll see what the priorities of the legislature seem to be as committee weeks have begun. 

In our final hour of the week Florida Today’s Wayne Price joins us to take a look at the Bezos divorce, pet store reaction to the County Commission’s acts regarding those businesses, the local impact of the government shut down and more.

In today’s BML Aftershow Show Jorge and I will explore school calendars, bad burglars and fast food choices that put he and I on the outside.


The stupid things we do for PC

Brevard taking a look at EDC contract

Legislature wants School Board Term Limits

Arming/training teachers

When you trust too much

Sounds like a good read re: plot to kill George Washington

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