Wins, Losses and a Little History

Finally, there’s a professor standing up to the culture at America’s colleges.  Masterpiece Cakeshop wins another battle over its persecutors. 

Brevard’s County Commission has stalled Bryan Lober’s attack on the county’s pet shops.  Let’s hope they have the sense to finish the job.

Judge Mark Walker is at it again as he’s ordering around Governor Ron DeSantis over the actions of former Governor Rick Scott.  And if Piers Morgan gets it, why can’t Washington?  The president and a reporter had it out during an exchange.  House Republicans have a plan to pay working federal employees during the shutdown.

Lastly, as the country was forming there was a plan to kill George Washington and it apparently involved the general’s inner circle.  It looks like a good read that you’d enjoy.


Professor lays out college atmosphere

Masterpiece Cakeshop-persecuted gets another win

Commission cools Lober’s jets…for now

Judge Mark Walker ordering Governor DeSantis around over Scott decision

Some libs getting it, why not Washington?

President and reporter exchange barbs on shutdown

R’s push plan to pay working federal employees

Sounds like a good read re: plot to kill George Washington

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