WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Unnecessary Things

Glad to see Florida Today Executive Editor Bob Gabordi leading a charity walk this weekend even as he is recovering from a stroke.  It’s encouraging to see Bob’s heart and determination as he overcomes this event.  It’s also good to see Clemson’s coach Dabo Swinney’s remarks after winning the national championship in strong fashion.

Bryan Cranston is an accomplished actor.  You know, acting- pretending to be someone you are not in a convincing way- that’s Cranston’s job.  He is playing a disabled person in his latest film with Kevin Hart.  Taking heat for doing your job well is expected in some circles.  Acting usually isn’t one of them.

We have a chicken in the road story that I hope does not inspire a Florida lawmaker.  Had the chicken crossed the road successfully I would not be worried.  Speaking of unnecessary, Bryan Lober’s proposal to the county commission is completely useless as state law already covers dogs and cats sold through pet stores and certification of their health.

President Trump spoke to the nation last night in his first Oval office address.  A border wall is the focus and the president’s points are sound and compassionate.  With the Democrats, they fell on deaf ears.

With those stories in play, it’s still a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  Your topics take over when you call the show today.  So, what’s on your mind?


Good news with Bob Gabordi

Swinney’s post game credits

Actor defends…acting!

Some Florida legislator will come up with a law!

Lober law unnecessary (see (3)(a) and beyond)

President addresses nation

DC more bipartisan than they let on

Maybe not- House goes for more gun regulation

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