Kids, Strippers, Shopping, Puppies & Politicians

LGBT issues seem to be thrust to the forefront of many news sites.  Surprising in the discussion is what the plans are for kids.  Our first story today is about LGBT products for kids who think they are transgender.  It’s all to help them seem like something they are not.

We have a couple of emails related to yesterday’s discussion on new group living arrangements and the Florida Constitution amendment process.  One Florida stripper has some wild fantasies and no, they aren’t what you’d expect.

Elected office is not for the official’s “pet” projects.  Yet we have a councilman in Indian Harbour beach and now a County Commissioner going after legal businesses because of a personal agenda.  Rookie Commissioner Bryan Lober has decided that pet stores in unincorporated Brevard need to be stopped from selling puppies and kittens in their stores.  If they want these “puppy mills” and “kitten factories” ‘stopped, they need to lobby the legislature to enact such law in the state. 

Kroger stores, think Publix if you’ve never lived north of the Florida/Georgia line, are changing the way people shop and how the store tracks inventory.  The new app also navigates the store for you based on your shopping list.  After searching multiple aisles for something a while back, this could be a welcome addition to the shopping experience.

In DC Democrats are now calling the border crisis (that we have been talking since well before 2006) is now a manufactured one.  And while DC seems all divided, one new congressman says that ain’t necessarily so.


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