The Truth, The Talk & The Government

What happened to being able to point to a simple truth without controversy?  It’s out the window in today’s world.  For example we bring you a woman in England who could not have been more plain spoken in her message.

Millennials take a hit in most conversations about them, but a developer in Los Angeles may have hit on their new style of home…and it makes some sense.

In our crime hour we’ll have a unique stupid criminal and a marijuana discussion the pro-pot crowd does not want to have.

Back to the truth thing for a minute, when we ignore simple truth it will end up being the kids that suffer.

Ron DeSantis will be governor tomorrow, his words and actions on the way into office seem to be a good indicator of things to come.  Also in Tallahassee the legislature is on to something, but they need a tweak or two to make it right.


Today’s world- the truth is out

Millennial living- out of parents’ homes

Keys burglar sentenced after sighing for package during crime

Can marijuana advocates have the honest discussion?

What are we doing to our kids?

DeSantis speaks out before inaugural

FL Senator on right path, needs refined, though

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