Football, Fighting and Felons...on Friday

There is nothing like a football game that is attached to a championship.  Monday night’s collegiate national championship is no exception.  ESPN will play it for all it’s worth (and it already has).  But the supposed worldwide leader in sports has bungled the job if a SMOKEROOM story is accurate. 

After 17 years as a police officer I am attuned to the difficulty when witnesses are uncooperative.  It appears England has the answer.  It will leave you thankful that you live here.  DNA testing has changed law enforcement and evidence in criminal cases.  It’s also changed other things as one woman was surprised to learn.

Florida’s felons are on a push to register to vote.  Passage of Amendment 4 in November has made the feat possible, but does the amendment alone say enough to make this happen quickly?  It’s likely not the case.  Horrible leadership and actions in the Florida Senate are costing taxpayers big time.  Pleas are going out to the legislature and governor to beef up school security and get police officers in schools back to being cops.  That’s not a bad idea.


ESPN botching National Championship game

Arrests in London…aren’t ya glad you’re here?

No more family secrets?

Felons, it will take some process

Bad Senate acts/leadership cost taxpayers

Schools restricting officers a bad idea

Project Suds America gets some recognition

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