Protecting kids, cars, teachers and the public

America is getting snow-flakier it seems.  Now the TSA is banning pointy eared dogs.  We’ll tell you why. Your car keys could be changing, but could this technology also change car theft?  Universal is being sued for not having multi-language warning signs.  Should they?

Teachers, you may want to look for new union leadership.  I have no impact on your contract, I have opinions.  Your president is busy fighting my opinions instead of negotiating your next contract. Somebody is distracted from his job!

Are Andrew Gillum’s misdeeds coming home to roost?  It appears they may be and we’ve not yet heard from the FBI.  Also in Tallahassee the MSD Public Safety Commission has provided its report.  In DC a new, radical congressman has plans for your life.


TSA phasing out pointy eared dogs

It works for your phone- why not your car?

Universal sued for signs in English only

Teachers- how much help is your union when it battles me instead of for you?

Gillum misdeeds coming home to roost?

Public Safety Commission releases Stoneman Douglas report

The Ocasio-Cortez plan for you

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