WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Kissy, Kissy- My how things have changed!

It was 1981 and Basic Training at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio.  In addition to the discipline of military life and physical training, the classroom training included the Uniform Code of Military Justice and other elements of military life and protocol.  Not allowed were PDAs-public displays of affection.  Well, that’s certainly changed and it’s causing some contention in Jacksonville.

Comedian Louis C. K. has been under fire for his acts with women in years past.  As he begins the retooling of his career the comic tried to retain an edge.  He’s g0one over one, is being called out for it, but dog done it, he’s right.  He’s indelicate, but he’s right!

I was forwarded an article about why men buy guns.  It was more than that; it was a shot at those of us who do and a shot at why we do.  A friend of mine who is a sheriff in California is not bashful about his opinions on California’s sanctuary laws for illegal immigrants.  There was a cop killed by an illegal in Adam Christianson’s jurisdiction and he is speaking out.

You’d think a women’s march would be a unified thing.  Think again, for if the event is too white it just may be cancelled.  Universal studios is being sued because warning sighs are in English only. 


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