Politics: 2018's Winners and Losers

Sometimes it takes unique solutions for police to end a confrontation.  This one was certainly unique! Growing up the ad was “Solid as Sears.”  For America’s first retailer of its kind, those were the days.  Could the days be over for the former retail giant?

Politics has winners and losers and the Tampa Bay Times BUZZ takes a look at 2018’s.  So will we.  Gun Owners of America is suing over the recent federal bump-stock ban.  When will Florida’s constitutional amendments take effect?  We’ll see.  The high speed train from Orlando to Miami is closer to happening.

Those are our topics as we close our 2018.  Monday we’ll look back at 2017 and the 2018 year in review is Tuesday.

For today’s Aftershow Show we’ll take a look at a recent trend in home invasion and another in college admission.


Every tool in the tool kit

Solid as Sears?

The BUZZ: 2018’s political winners/losers

Gun owner group suing over bump stock ban

Amendments taking effect when?

Path cleared for train to happen

DeSantis moves surprising some

Bob Gabordi- making the comeback

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