The BML INSIDER column 12.27.18

New Year’s resolutions are not my thing, but if I have a wish list for the coming year it would look something like this:

For Governor Ron DeSantis, a successful transition into the biggest job he’s ever held outside of his being a dad.  It’s an awesome responsibility and he seems to be getting good folks around him.

For the Florida Legislature, a better understanding of their role in our government, discernment in their deliberations and an eye toward the rights of the people as they consider how government may be of service to the people who set that government in place.

For the Brevard County Commission: a smooth transition into the new body they are, an ear for understanding their fellow commissioners and that same eye to public service and understanding their positions and responsibilities.

For Sheriff Wayne Ivey: a continuing decline in crime rates, safety and security for deputies and staff and more great ideas like Wheel of Fugitive and the great crime prevention videos his office produces.

For Tax Collector Lisa Cullen: continued smooth operation of an office that continually takes on increased responsibilities.  We’d also take some lower tax and fee rates, but those are out of her control.

For property Appraiser Dana Blickley: Relief from the comedians who work in her office, and they know who they are.  Also continuing smooth and successful operations of an office she has professionalized like we had not seen in my time here.

For Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott: a year of relative rest after this election season, a public who understands election law and requirements better than we have so far and a Florida Legislature who seeks her wise counsel as it looks to reform election law and procedures in the upcoming session.  Lori’s staff is wonderful and her office should serve as an example to the state as it looks to election reform.

For Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis: some time away in our native land of West Virginia.  Scott is a hard working public servant who deserves more time off than he takes.  Having that time in the West Virginia hills can make a world of difference.

For our local governments: an understanding that essential services and not social agenda implementation is the job.  Also, that public service is them serving the public and not the other way around.  We have seen far too many officials, elected and appointed, looking to take advantage of the position for self enrichment as opposed to serving the community.

For Florida Today Executive Editor Bob Gabordi: a complete recovery from his November stroke, a big Italian meal of his choosing or from his own hand and all the time he wants to enjoy it and a quick return to work (in the office- he’s been writing all along) and that great staff that has supported him so well in his absence.

For the rest of us: health, wealth, friends and family, smooth waters for jet ski rides and time to appreciate the good things in life and the people who make them possible.

Now, go make this a Happy New Year!

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