It’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY return after the Christmas holiday.  We have plenty to take on, but the key question is: what’s on your mind?

It becomes even more apparent that Harvard has no standards.  It’s not so apparent that a referee is racist; in fact the key question is being ignored.  If you shoot a cop and get shot in return, does the city owe your medical bills?  When NORAD tracks Santa, is there really a government shutdown?  Is there a new litmus test for Democrats and judicial nominations?  Is it also at work in Hollywood? 

In local and state news BlueWare CEO Rose Harr goes to prison, the Brevard Federation of Teachers has walked on salary negotiations, a local company has thousands in equipment stolen and pawned- will they have to buy them back?  The TDC board gets an overhaul.  Ron DeSantis is surprising some folks.

Let’s get to it…


Can’t get into UCLA- try Harvard!

Racist Referee?  We are missing something!

Shoot a cop, get shot and the city picks up your bills

Proof the Government Shutdown is nothing

The religion litmus test for Dems

It’s also the elephant in the room here

BlueWare CEO gets prison

Teachers’ union walks on negotiations

Did they have to buy these back?

TDC gets new board members

DeSantis moves surprising some

Bob Gabordi- making the comeback

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