Wide Open Wednesday: Upgrading Santa?

You get them; so do I.  We all get them- spoofed robocalls from numbers we are more likely to answer than not.  How would you like to eliminate them?  We have some tips.  We also have tips for upgrading Santa Claus.  I’m not sure they are all good tips, but we have them.

Nevada is set to become the first state with a majority female legislature.  Let’s see if they can do better than the guys have done!  Florida’s proposed cell phone use while driving ban has some touching allowed. 

In Brevard, the county commission has set its legislative priorities..  In DC we have agreement on criminal justice reform and a ban on bump stocks from the federal level.

Those are my topics for the day, but it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…so we turn topic selection over to you today.  What’s it to be?


Blocking robocalls

Santa Upgrades

Nevada 1st state with female dominated legislature

Update: proposed phone-driving ban has exceptions

Commission sets legislative priorities

Criminal Justice reform: good or not so much?

Bump stock ban announced

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