Smart Phones, $ and the Law

Could you give up your cell phone?  Could you do it for $100K?  Will you do it if mandated by Florida law?  Multiculturalism is the big thing at American universities, but is it really?  Would you like to block those robocalls to your cell phone?  We have the way.  Should Mattel make same sex Barbie wedding sets?  They are talking about it.  What would you do to upgrade Santa?  We have suggestions that are being made.  We have those items and more on our Tuesday edition of BML.  Say hello to Ray Guerrero as he sits in for Jorge who is on vacation today.


Could you do it for $100k?

You may have to in your car

College room- TOO multi-cultural

Blocking robocalls

Same sex Barbie couples?

Santa Upgrades

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