It's Bell Ringing Day!

We begin our Monday in Florida schools.  When it takes a restraining order to keep one student away from another, you have to wonder where the adults are hiding.  On the up side is the Parkland panel has recommended arming teachers and staff as the best way to protect schools from an active shooter.

Congress has a new rule…they’ll pay for their own sexual hush money incidents.  A California lawmaker had his kids taken for spanking one of them.  Hey, he made the law…

The FBI investigation into corruption in Tallahassee has its first indictment and the Tampa Bay Times shows its bias in a BUZZ report on the incident.

If your workplace was robbed and you had the chance to stop the thief, would you?  And if so, would you keep your job?  It doesn’t always happen that way.

There was no change after a lot of huffing and puffing in the BREC elections.  The new Palm bay City manager had an interesting admission in her first interview after being named to the job. 

Obamacare is out, but not quite yet…the Congress and Supreme Court really messed this one up!

And please join me, Jorge and my pal Alphonso as we ring bells for the Salvation Army today from 10-12 at the Publix at babcock and Hibiscus.


Where are the adults?

Parkland panel recommends armed staff

Congressional hanky panky out of their own pockets

CA lawmaker arrested for Child Abuse

Tally FBI investigation has first indictment

Buzz shows bias in report

Stop a thief, lose a job

Lacey retains BREC seat

PB City Manager admits ouster was “cleaning house”

Obamacare out?  Sort of…

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