I am not expecting a lot of change.  Even if there is change, I am not expecting a lot of change.  For the nearly 20 years I have followed politics in Brevard County nothing has changed in the Brevard Republican Executive Committee, the official arm of the party in our county, except the people occupying the positions in the committee.  The BREC has never been an effective entity impacting politics in Brevard.  They toss little money and even less support to candidates for office.  They do nothing to prepare candidates for a run for office and they fight internally about who has the most power in the group.

This week two challengers are vying against the incumbent chairman for the role of directing the committee in its ineffective efforts.  Oh, it’s not that those who want to be chair don’t have admirable goals; it’s just that changing the headlights on the car aren’t going to make it run any better. Trying to replace the current headlights with two different brands results in keeping the old, dim headlights because people can’t decide which new ones to use.  

The old headlights fighting to stay in place also frustrate the process.  The old guard being satisfied with the current election cycle is indicative of the problem.  Satisfaction with the status quo because Republicans have been winning for over two decades in Brevard is a sign of complacency that is doomed to failure.  The local Democratic Party has been energized and more active than in any of the last 20 years.  They have gained ground previously not attained.  It will take leadership and awareness to counter this change.

And while new leadership may be the answer, forgive me if after 20 years watching the BREC function that I would expect only more dysfunction.  Convincing a few more folks to vote for change is a lot easier than asking those who change their votes to change their ways.  Inertia is the enemy.  The BREC has plenty of it.  The same mantra, the same events, the same way…I’m pretty sure winning the chairmanship isn’t really a win after all.

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