WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: IHB jealous of Satellite?

I had a brief, but very encouraging visit with Bob Gabordi last night.  The good news is that he gets to go home this week!  I was happy to see Bob looking and sounding so well, even thought he does have more recovery ahead of him.  Please continue your prayers for that recovery.

We’ve talked it over and over and we won’t stop, for if we do, they will try to keep us from talking it again.  It’s comedy and political correctness and that train has to stop.

A new proposal in Indian Harbour Beach is off the rails and intrudes where the city should not.  What, they aren’t happy with Satellite Beach getting all the negative press?

On yesterday’s Aftershow Show we talked high school students and teachers and where they get their news.  Today we have a survey about the rest of us.  We are a changing society, but the question is, will the news keep up?

While some are whining that there are mail ballots that were not counted in the November election, they were discounted in accordance with the law.  Bu the mail ballot idea is in question and we’ll talk it today if we get the chance.  But, today is YOUR day, WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  What’s on YOUR mind?


Gabordi gaining ground

The comic relief that isn’t

IHB proposal would run off business

 How we get our news

Mail ballots NOT counted…according to law!

Mail ballot law in question

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