Mick's Morning News: 12.12.18

Officer-Involved Shooting In Cocoa  (Cocoa, FL) -- A man is hurt after a police-involved shooting in Brevard County. It happened early yesterday morning in Cocoa on Forrest Ave. Police say Officer Xzevies [[ ex-ZAY-vee-ess ]] Baez was responding to a call when he shot 54-year-old Keith Seal in the elbow. Seal is expected to survive, but no details were released on the shooting.

Volusia County Corrections Officer Arrested  (DeLand, FL) -- A Volusia County corrections officer finds himself on the other side of the law. Sergeant Christopher Harvey was arrested yesterday for sexual misconduct involving a female inmate. A woman at the county correctional facility says Harvey brought her food and cigarettes in exchange for oral sex two months ago. The 31-year-old Harvey is being held at the Flagler County jail.

Code Red Drills To Change After Complaints  (Sanford, FL) -- Complaints from parents are prompting changes in how students prepare for an active shooter on campus. Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma announced recently that, from now on, whenever there is a drill at a school, it will be announced that the exercise is only a drill. Last week, parents complained after a drill was conducted at Lake Brantley High School, but no one was told it was a drill. That led to panic among students, staff and parents.

Man Arrested For Stalking Family  (Miami, FL) -- A family hopes a recent arrest can bring an end to a months-long ordeal. Miami-Dade Police this week arrested 57-year-old Carlos Nieto for stalking a family of three. The mother says Nieto followed her and her two daughters around Little Haiti for the last three months, and he repeatedly offered them money for sex. The mother told police it got so bad they were afraid to walk home.

Man Arrested For Stalking Ex-Girlfriend  (Miami, FL) -- A Miami-Dade County man is facing charges for stalking his ex-girlfriend. Coral Gables' Paul Bravo was in court yesterday after police say he violated a court order to stay away from the woman. Over the last three months, after he was told not to have contact with the woman, Bravo allegedly broke into her home, stole her driver's license and jewelry and repeatedly sent her threatening text messages. In one message, he apparently said she would roast for all her evil.

Millennials Blamed For Low Tuna Sales  (Pittsburgh, PA) -- Sales of canned tuna have tanked because of millennials. The problem, it seems, is that a lot of millennials don't know how to use a can opener. In fact, according to a statement from StarKist, many millennials don't even own can openers. On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, the theory was put to the test with his street team challenging millennials to open a can. With one exception, the can stayed sealed. One person even broke the can opener while trying.

Clemson Restaurant In Trouble Over Offensive Sandwich Sign  (Clemson, SC) -- A restaurant near Clemson University in South Carolina is catching heat for its "Tijuana Chicken Sandwich." The restaurant Loose Change described the sandwich as "big enough to feed a caravan." When describing the toppings, they said it was, "built high enough", and described it as "so good it should be illegal." Student government said it was distasteful, and the restaurant eventually apologized for the sandwich and its description.


2015, Women voted and ran for office for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

2000, a divided U.S. Supreme Court reversed a state court decision for recounts in Florida's contested presidential election. The decision effectively transformed George W. Bush into the president-elect.

1946, Tide detergent was first introduced.

1900, Charles M. Schwab formed the United States Steel Corporation. It became one of the richest companies in the world.

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