Denying/Wiping Out History

It’s one thing to not believe history.  It’s another to wipe out significant parts of history to fit an agenda. While Steph Curry doesn’t believe the moon landing happened, a recent production of The Sound of Music wiped out the Nazi symbols in the production.  As I recall, Nazi’s were the reason for the entire story!

A1A in Satellite Beach was redesigned and the result is pedestrian traps that are liability traps for motorists.

We’ve all heard of the gender pay gap.  If I told you it doesn’t exist would you believe me?

The infighting in the Brevard Republican Executive Committee continues.  Their election tomorrow night will determine the group’s leadership and is already contentious.

Brevard Public Schools has been investigated by FDLE.  The investigation uncovered bid manipulation, but no violation of law.  When it comes to the law, mail ballots are now under scrutiny.  Should those laws be amended?  We ask in our web poll.


NBA Star denies Moon landing

Losing relevant history…in The Sound of Music

The Satellite Beach pedestrian trap

The gender pay gap that isn’t

Brevard Republican infighting continues

BPS manipulated bidding process

Mail ballot law in question

Gabordi gaining ground

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