The MICKnuggets 12.03-12.06.18

12.03.18- ACLU goes anti-school rules


It happened in Apopka.  A Christian school prohibited a 6 year old from attending while wearing dreadlocks.  The hairstyle violated the school’s dress and appearance rules.


On his first day of school the 6 year old student was turned away.  Are we to believe his parents had no clue about the dress code?  I find that one difficult.


In steps the ACLU to claim the rule is discriminatory and, since the school takes state funding, the act was discriminatory.  The ACLU has a unique solution, too.


The ACLU says all state funding should be stripped from the school.  Sure, penalize the entire school and every student because they don’t like this rule. 


Does that make any kind of sense?


For its part the school says the rule stays and should the courts say otherwise, they will forego state monies and operate as they choose.


I agree.  I prefer the Christian organization making its own rules as opposed to the ACLU making the rules for them.




12.04.18- How Harvard Ruins the World


You’d think a prestigious university such as Harvard would have some semblance of common sense.  But, maybe I expect too much.


Harvard is now being sued because of the stigma and oppression being hoisted upon the students by their no single-gender club membership rules.


If a guy or gal decides to belong to a gender specific group like a fraternity, sorority or even musical group, they are then barred from leading campus groups or being captains of sports teams.  Harvard has refused to endorse fellowships or scholarships for such students as well.


Here’s the kicker- Harvard doesn’t officially recognize fraternities or sororities…but wants to control the member’s behavior none the less.


So much for higher education…while I believe the higher part, it has nothing to do with education but the esteem with which Harvard sees itself.


Harvard: the home of societal experimentation…for everybody else.




12.05.18- Better Living Through Cultural Sensitivity?


First Princeton and then Columbia opened Wednesday’s BML with stories of political correctness stifling not just free speech, but quality entertainment.


The Princeton Tigertones have been shamed into stopping their performances of “Kiss the Girl” from “The Little Mermaid” because a writer to the student newspaper found it to be offensive and violating.  You see, Ariel the subject of the movie, gave up her speech to become human and therefore could not consent to the kiss.  Apparently Princeton’s letter writer is unfamiliar with nonverbal communication with a female.


Then at Columbia they jerked comedian Nimesh Patel off the stage because his comedy related truths about his multi-cultural neighborhood in New York City.  Apparently noticing cultural differences is offensive when done in a humorous way as opposed to an accusatory tone.


One student even said she didn’t like being told she needed exposure to the real world…


Maybe we missed what college was all about?




12.06.18- PETA: People Ever Tempting Antagonism


Just when you thought vegans and vegetarians could not get a worse reputation, along comes PETA to drag them through the Romaine patch.


This week the animal rights group decided that using common English euphemisms is a violation of all things sacred.  The PC police have invaded the animal rights world!


They gave examples and their “animal friendly” solutions:

Killing two birds with one stone becomes feeding two birds with one scone. 

Being a guinea pig is now being the test tube.

Beating a dead horse is now feeding a fed horse- and why would anyone feed a horse that’s already been fed?

Bringing home the bacon becomes bring home the bagels and taking the bull by the horns is suddenly grabbing the flower by the thorns.


I mean even the vegans get that PETA is bringing scorn on them with this idea.


I have one, we should replace dumber in the head than a hog is in the hiney with this: PETA.

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