WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: The Democratic Delusion

Political correctness is a frequent topic of our conversation.  Today is no different as a Disney song is under fire as it’s taken more seriously than it should be.  It’s the same with comedy as the nation’s most diligent observers are under attack for being funny to the point that they are being removed from the stage…while performing.

Maybe the Democratic delusion of superiority and intellect are driving those actions.  They even say so and appear to be driven by it.

The felon voting rights issue has opened a can of worms for the state’s Elections Supervisors.  They are talking the issue in their conference this week.

While Palm Bay’s interim city manager continues implementing changes an association of statewide school board members has selected Brevard’s chair to lead their group.  That one was a good call.

Finally and foremost it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- What’s on YOUR mind?


Disney song bites the dust over PC culture

Comedy attacked, too…LIVE

Dem delusion drives self image

Felon voting rights- the can of worms

He Who Shall Not Be Named Renamed Interim Deputy City Manager for PB

Brevard School Board Chair also leads conservative Coalition of Board Members

Going back to the moon

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