Paris: It's a Riot! (and that's a good thing?)

While a Dutch court has said no to age transitioning, the social experiment that is Harvard does its best to undermine traditional values, history and the world.  The state’s elections Supervisors are meeting in Sarasota and see tweaks they’d like to make in the elections process, I hold no real hope the legislature will take them seriously.  They haven’t so far!  California likes bad election decisions and recent policies, in addition to their stupid primary system, prove just that.  Maybe every now and then a riot is just what we need.  It seems that way in France, anyway.  A NASA scientist says we may have already been visited by otherworldly life.  This news hits as we are talking going back to the moon.  We’ll talk these stories and more on today’s BML and the AFTERSHOW SHOW at 10 on Facebook live and the podcast.

As for that Aftershow, we’ll see a man that was determined to burn himself to death, a judge’s DUI, a Denver restaurant to avoid, a cereal we’ll like and how good it feels to be wanted!


Update: Dutch court says no to age transitions

Harvard- ruining college life for all

SOE’s meet, desire tweaks & end to bad elections info

CA likes bad election practices

Every now and then a riot works

NASA scientist- aliens may have visited?

Going back to the moon

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