All Shook Up- did Elvis actually make it to the County Commission?

President George H. W. Bush died Friday.  President Bush served this country his entire life and was a patriot.  He’s the father of governors and presidents and his gentle manner will always be remembered. We join the Bush family in mourning his passing.

Private schools and standards…isn’t that why most folks send their kids there?  And if you don’t like the standards, well, send your kids elsewhere.  But then, what would the ACLU have to do?

A Florida grandma has been jailed…with guys.  In today’s society should it matter?  You bet it should!

In political news Brenda Snipes has been suspended by the governor for her ineptitude or corruption in the recent election, the county commission has a new face and maybe some contention and local preferences are out for county contracts.  Can Cocoa’s city council not properly budget tax dollars in their city?  The City Manager seems to think not.

Those stories and more as we start December on BML.


President George H. W. Bush dead at 94

The ACLU and school rules

Jailing grandma with the guys

Snipes suspended

Shaking up Brevard or stumbling into a political job?

Local preference out for county contracts (like it wasn’t already if they wanted)

Can’t Cocoa properly budget their own tax dollars?

Religious freedom- a Florida Today guest column

Going back to the moon

When you cut a bad train deal

What’s the future hold for Enterprise Florida?

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