Mick's Morning News: 11.30.18

Students Ingest Pot Candy  (Mulberry, FL) -- Six students are sick and one is facing charges after an incident at a Polk County school. Deputies say a student at Mulberry Middle School brought in edible marijuana candy yesterday and shared some with his seventh-grade classmates. The two boys and four girls who got sick were taken to the hospital, and they're expected to make a full recovery. The 12-year-old accused of bringing in the candy is facing seven felony charges, and Sheriff Grady Judd, who opposed legalizing medical marijuana, says he warned everyone incidents like this were coming.

Accused Murderer To Be Sent To Texas  (Daytona Beach, FL) -- Daytona Beach Police say two people are lucky to be alive after a recent incident involving an accused murderer. Jason Gibson was in a Volusia County courtroom yesterday after his arrest this week for a deadly shooting in Texas on Thanksgiving. Two people found with Gibson at the time of his arrest in Daytona Beach were not hurt, and Police Chief Craig Capri says they're cooperating with investigators. Prosecutors yesterday decided not to pursue local charges against Gibson, which will allow him to be extradited to Texas, where he'll face a murder charge.

Report: Florida Medicare Costs Have Decreased  (Fort Myers, FL) -- A new report is showing that Medicare costs may be decreasing in the state of Florida. Data from insurance company Health Markets shows that the state saw a drop of 450-dollars compared to 2018, or a decrease of more than seven-percent. The data examines the average cost of a Medicare Advantage Plan. Florida has ranked number five for states with the biggest decrease in plan costs.

Multi-Stall Gender Neutral Restroom Opens At Orlando City Hall, First In Florida  (Orlando, FL) -- A multi-stall gender neutral restroom is now available at Orlando City Hall. It opened today, and it's believed to be the first of its kind in a Florida government building. The facility is near existing men's rooms and women's rooms. Transgender individuals can use any restroom at Orlando City Hall.

Airport Terminal Evacuated For Suspicious Package  (Daytona Beach, FL) -- A suspicious noise is blamed for evacuating an airport terminal. It happened yesterday at Daytona Beach International Airport. Someone reported hearing a ticking noise coming from someone's suitcase. The bomb squad was called to investigate and, it turns out, the noise was coming from an electric toothbrush.

American Loses Bid To Become World Chess Champ  (London) -- An American is coming up short in his bid to become the first U.S. world chess champ since Bobby Fischer. Fabiano Caruana lost a tie-breaker event to Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in London. The showdown between the two grandmasters followed a record-breaking streak of 12 regular chess games that ended in a draw. With the victory, Carlsen retained his title as world champion. For his part, the 26-year-old Caruana said he looks forward to taking another shot at becoming the first U.S. world chess champion since 1972.

Man Steals Chicken At Gunpoint  (Danville, IL) -- Your chicken or your life. A armed robber is still at large in an Illinois town, after stealing a man's fried chicken at gunpoint. The victim was walking down the street in Danville Monday with his meal in a bag when the teenage suspect came up with the gun, demanding cash. The victim didn't have any cash, so the suspect took the chicken and fled.


1993, President Clinton signed the Brady Gun Control Bill. The new law established a five-day waiting period and a background check for the purchase of a handgun.

1971, the television movie "Brian's Song" aired on ABC. The story was based on the relationship between Chicago Bears' running backs Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo, who died of cancer.

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