Have Yourself a PC Little Christmas

The PC crowd is everywhere and the Christmas season seems to bring out the worst.  We begin our Friday there.  We’ll bring a story from yesterday’s Aftershow Show to the big show today.  You need to know about these self order kiosks at fast food places.

The new FL Senate president has a either short memory or a great sense of humor.  It shows in his committee assignments.  While we are there, the straight, white male has been hammered by the #metoo movement.  Apparently it’s not just straight guys with the power trips.

The new tax brackets are out.  Where do you fall?

NASA says we are headed to the moon and Mars, but it won’t be like before.  On a little more grounded front, is the high speed passenger train coming to Brevard or not?

Our last hour brings Florida Today’s John Torres to the studio as Murder on the Space Coast is about to kick off another season and the holidays brought John an opportunity to catch up on cold cases and contacts.  See the trailer to the next season from the link below.


Now “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” is a problem

No link: McD’s self-order kiosks a no-no

Appropriate Senate committee assignments?


Your new tax brackets

NASA- back to the moon!

When you cut a bad train deal

What’s the future hold for Enterprise Florida?

Torres: Murder on the Space Coast

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