Opinions, Holidays, Weapons and Safety

Opinions are wonderful things.  We all have them and here we thrive on them.  But what if an opinion is uninformed or asserted without any basis in fact?  Then, it could be dangerous…or just stupid.  We have an example.

A town wishing people a great holiday season is under fire as we again try to eliminate history and factual reference from the season.

It’s fairly typical for education to do its job half way.  When it comes to school safety it’s the norm.  It’s funny and sad to see educated folks trying to adhere to an anti-gun philosophy that is not based in being educated while trying to say it’s protecting those under its care.

Speaking of…the other day we discussed the coming attempt to ban certain weapons in Florida.  Now your concealed carry permit is under attack.

And, with changes coming to the governor’s office, what’s the future hold for Enterprise Florida.  It depends upon whom Governor DeSantis will rely upon for his information.

The Bible on Parade will occur for its 29th time on the streets of Melbourne this weekend.  As we close the show today Jesus is the Key Church’s Chad Forschino will join us to talk about this no-longer-unique event!


When the activist/letter writer is misinformed

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Education doing the job half way…typical

Concealed carry reform coming???

What’s the future hold for Enterprise Florida?

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