WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Interim City Manager Gone Wild!

Education- we value it in the US.  That is, until it loses value and we have a story that does that.  Part of the education process is learning roles and responsibilities.  When schools act against those lessons, they are doing a disservice to their students.  It’s happening in Maryland and it’s already happened here.

Piers Morgan had best watch out.  He’s edging ever closer to sanity as he points out that President Trump is NOT the problem in these United States. 

Palm Bay’s “interim” City manager sure isn’t acting like she’s interim.  One would think the job would be to keep the ship steady until a new captain is named.  Oh, no!  She’s rocking the boat by tossing top staff like yesterday’s garbage.  Is she doing this on her own or under direction that council has not given as a whole?

Melbourne’s City Manager Mike McNees is out (good thing we know where they can find a competent replacement) after a 4-3 vote of council.  Unlike Palm Bay’s Gregg Lynk who was settled and doing the job, no matter what McNees says, McNees was looking to leave and failed to let council know until he was a finalist for another job. 

It seems that after the 2018 General Election and the recounts everyone has solutions to Florida’s elections problems.  Marshall Frank is no exception and he has some ideas worth consideration.  To get to the heart of the matter and a recap on that election, we’ll have Brevard Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott with us in our 8am hour.


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