Here Come da Judge!

Santa visited on WalMart early this season.  Twitter is banning words and more as it sees fit; how do you feel about that? 

Our friend Bob Gabordi is, if anything, a journalist.  Bob suffered a stroke a couple of weeks ago and while he has not yet made it home, he has been working through his treatment.  I would not have expected anything else.

The left in Florida and from across the country is coming for your guns and if you get to keep them, they want them registered!  Will the Florida Senate be better than last year’s train wreck?  Maybe.  And one more question: is there a need for the federal lawsuit over felon voting rights now that restoration is enshrined in the FL constitution?

Judge A. B. Majeed (Ret) is with us in our 8am hour as we take a look at the US Supreme Court, it’s appointment process, the Florida Supreme Court and more.


A Santa Story

No, it’s not a free speech issue, it’s consumer choice

Bob Gabordi- down but not out!

Left coming for your guns in FL

Will the FL Senate be better?

Does Federal suit over felons voting continue?

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