Good and Bad- what we see and how we see it

I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.  Mine was one of the best trips to West Virginia in memory. I’ll tell you about it as we have the chance and more in the BML Aftershow Show at 10am.

Apparently “Poverty Shaming” is a thing, not a good thing, mind you.  Jim Acosta is back in the White House press pool, but what are the new rules?  A teacher is in trouble for thanking kids who stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Our public discourse has been nasty and we have talked that, but there is another way to look at it.

Chief Justice John Roberts took on President Trump over the president’s comments on judges appointed by presidents.  The Chief Justice needs a taste of reality. 

Our city governments are shaking things up, not necessarily for the better, but changes are coming.

Brice Wilkerson joins us this morning with Jorge on vacation, he’ll play along in the Aftershow Show as we talk a little football, a threat that really wasn’t and some schoolpidity.  Join us at 10 on the WMMB Facebook page or later on the podcast of the 22nd BML Aftershow Show.


“Poverty Shaming” is a thing, even if you are cold

Acosta back in, but what ARE the new rules?

Thanking is bullying…or campaigning, or something wrong!

Another look at our public discourse

Chief Justice Roberts needs a touch of reality

Melbourne moves to Fire City Manager

Palm Bay fires theirs

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