Tech, Deals and the Ongoing Election

What if instead of TV controlling your mind it could be the other way around?  It’s coming!  What if we had instant run off voting?  Yea, it’s not worry free, either.  CNN is suing the White House over Jim Acosta’s press pass and other media is joining in the fight. 

Brevard Schools HR Director has resigned.  She was the Andy Ziegler complainant and it’s a good thing she’s gone.  What happens when a deal is not a deal?  The commission gives every critic ammunition to fight against TDC and EDC issues.

And the election …will it be done by the deadline, will the lawsuits and whining ever end?  Did the Dems commit fraud?  Bill Nelson wants the rules changed and Rick Scott ahs removed himself from the state canvassing board, which is as it should be.  We are still WIDE OPEN for election topics on this Thursday edition of BML. 

On today’s AFTERSHOW SHOW:   Football and snowflakes, Tech and toilets, smartphones and a new sex term.  Join me and Jorge Medina on Facebook live at 10am or the podcast a little later in the day.


TV controlled by your mind…instead of visa versa?

So much for Libertarian Island

CNN sues president over Acosta press pass

BPS HR Director resigns, settles for $55k

USSSA fails to meet requirement, gets new deal

Will FL recount finish in time?

Democratic fraud reported in FL election

Recount Update

Broward undervotes could be the factor

Nelson wants law violated to win votes

Judge says no to impounding machines

Losses coming to Melbourne Greyhound Park




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