And the Vote Goes On!

The recount of Brevard votes begins today.  SOE Lori Scott’s office will review the ballots we cast and will tell us about it in our 7:42 segment, if time allows her to join us.  In that election we have a former congressman whining that his vote did not count, but it was his own (and his incompetent SOE’s) fault.  One SOE accommodated “hurricane voters” by accepting email and fax ballots from them.  Are you OK with that?  Bill Nelson wants another law violated in order to count votes that could benefit him and a judge has said no to Rick Scott’s suit asking for machines to be impounded.

As we begin our day we’ll look at a new school safety tool that does nothing but let people know slaughter is happening.  And as we edge toward election coverage we have a story about a judge who lost his race and then, apparently, lost his mind.  We’re WIDE OPEN on election thoughts as long as the count continues…

So, what’s on your mind?


Tech for school safety

Judge loses election, retaliates on the public

Broward undervotes could be the factor

Rep. Murphy- my vote rejected

Accommodating “hurricane voters”

Nelson wants law violated to win votes

Judge says no to impounding machines

Losses coming to Melbourne Greyhound Park

The Kavanaugh Condition

President backing Pelosi for Speaker?




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