The Time Travel Election

No we have not mastered time travel and this is not the 2000 presidential election, but it may as well be. All sides are lawyered up, the lawsuits are flying and incompetence or corruption is rampant in South Florida.  Only Broward and Palm Beach Counties could make hanging chads out of optical scan ballots!

We have other election related news as expressing yourself at the polling place can get you fired, placing a political sign can cost you a polling place and losing an election can make you go completely stupid. 

There is new technology for detecting school shooters, but it doesn’t answer the big question.

We’ll stay election related WIDE OPEN until it’s settled…what are you thinking?


Newly elected congressman on SNL

Vote, Express Yourself- GET FIRED

Or, place your sign, lose your polling place

Judge loses election, retaliates on the public

Tech for school safety

Bad ballots mixed with good in Broward

Broward undervotes could be the factor

Both Senate camps file suit

Losses coming to Melbourne Greyhound Park

The Kavanaugh Condition

President backing Pelosi for Speaker?

Sessions out




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