Mick's Morning News: 11.12.18

Governor Rick Scott Files Three More Election Lawsuits (Tallahassee, FL) -- Florida Governor and Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott is filing three more election lawsuits against county officials as a vote recount continues in the state. In the first lawsuit against Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, the Scott campaign alleges a number of ballots were counted after the Saturday noon deadline. The Scott campaign is also filing another two lawsuits against Snipes and Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Buchner. In those suits, Scott requests that voting tabulation equipment be impounded following the machine recount. The lawsuits also request that both supervisors preserve all ballots and records pertaining to the 2018 election.

Andrew Gillum Calls For All Votes To Be Counted (Tallahassee, FL) -- Florida candidate for governor Andrew Gillum wants all votes to be counted in his race against Republican Ron DeSantis. The Tallahassee mayor said yesterday this is no longer about his campaign for governor. Gillum conceded to DeSantis after Tuesday's midterm, but withdrew it after a recount was ordered.

Recount Underway In Broward Co. (Broward Co., FL) -- Prominent Democratic lawyer Mitchell Berger said he and his Republican colleagues can confirm that there's no fraud happening on either side of the political aisle. Berger and Florida State Senator Perry Thurston spoke yesterday at a news conference. Berger said 750-thousand ballots are being recounted, and the process could take several days. Berger said when there's a big voter turnout, it's difficult to count all the votes within a set time-frame.

Off-Duty Sarasota Police Officer Arrested For Battery And Trespassing At Airport (Clearwater, FL) -- An internal investigation is underway after an off-duty Sarasota police officer was arrested for battery and trespassing at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. Pinellas County deputies say on Friday 51-year-old Derrick Gilbert was removed from an Allegiant Airlines flight headed to North Carolina after the flight crew deemed he was too drunk. Gilbert reportedly had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol as he cussed at airline employees. Witnesses say as Gilbert was being removed from the plane, he reportedly pushed a 25-year-old employee and then violently pushed his 18-year-old son who was trying to calm him down.

Britain's Youngest EuroMillions Winner Offers Men Nearly $80K Per Year To Date Her (Edinburgh) -- The UK's youngest winner of the EuroMillions jackpot says she is unlucky in love. She is launching a website where men can apply to be her boyfriend. Whomever she chooses will earn an annual allowance of nearly 80-thousand dollars to wine and dine her. The UK newspaper The Mirror reports that Jane Park is going to film the process of deciding on her boyfriend for a documentary. She won nearly one-point-three million dollars when she was 17 and says she's had a string of failed relationships since then. She's now 23.

Fossilized Dinosaur Proteins And Burnt Toast Share Similar Chemical Compounds (Undated) -- Fossilized dinosaur proteins and burnt toast share similar chemical compounds. Scientists say under the right conditions, soft tissue from dinosaurs can be fossilized and during that process the tissue experiences chemical transformations which are similar to those that burnt toast experiences. These findings, published in the journal Nature Communications, could help paleontologists know where to look for preserved soft tissue.


2004, in one of the most closely-watched trials of the year, a California jury found philandering husband Scott Peterson guilty of double murder in the deaths of his pregnant wife Laci Peterson and their unborn child. Laci Peterson disappeared just prior to Christmas in 2002. Her corpse and that of her child washed up on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay four months later.

1984, Madonna released her breakthrough album "Like A Virgin."

1971, President Nixon announced the withdrawal of 45-thousand U.S. troops from Vietnam.

1954, Ellis Island closed after processing more than 20-million immigrants since it opened in New York Harbor in 1892.

1927, Josef Stalin became the undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union.

1920, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis was appointed the first Commissioner of Baseball.

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