Election Impact: The Good and The Ugly

While the left sees Tuesday’s election as a disaster they are finding ways to cope.  As you might expect it involves a safe space, self-care strategies and something called a gratitude board.  Can the puppies, coloring books and crayons be far behind?

What do the mainstream media outlets not understand the difference in opinion and news?  Sean Hannity is taking heat at FOX News for his appearance with the president earlier this week.  Sean’s a talk host, paid to provide opinion and commentary and FOX should not be surprised by the appearance at all.

The impact of the election will be felt in Brevard, the question is how.  The School Board make-up is being scrutinized for how the Guardian Program is affected.  The Florida Supreme Court will go more conservative, the County Commission has a wild card to reign in and Melbourne Greyhound Park faces a shutdown of live racing (and is probably screaming, “Please, don’t throw me into the briar patch!”).

An interesting note on the US Senate: Senators who voted against Bret Kavanaugh lost their reelection bids.  Is the president backing Nancy Pelosi for Speaker?  If he is…is there a method to his madness?  He’s nobody’s dummy, so this could be interesting!


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