Well, that’s finally over…maybe.  While Bill Nelson has not conceded in his loss to Rick Scott, it appears to be a done deal and outside the automatic recount trigger.  Ron DeSantis will replace Scott as governor, but it was also a squeaker.  We’ll talk those and other results on today’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY on BML. 

The election wasn’t without its share of scares and I am not talking electorally- the Supervisor of Elections Office in Viera was on the wrong end of a bomb threat the day before the election.  The would-be bomber is on the wrong side of the bars at the Brevard County Jail.  Then, on Election Day a Palm Bay precinct was locked down because of a man with a gun.

Nationally the Democrats have retaken the House of Representatives while the Republicans retain Senate control.  There was a “Kavanaugh Condition” to Senate races around the country. 

SHOP TALK: Sean Hannity’s employer Fox News is dancing because of his appearance with President Trump in Missouri earlier this week.  Why?  It’s not like Hannity isn’t partisan on air…let’s not pretend he’s a news guy, he’s a talk host.

And…the BML Aftershow Show promises some fun as Whoopie Goldberg was finally right on the View and a bizarre reaction when a lady was invited to church…join me and Jorge Medina at 10am on the WMMB Facebook page and later on the iHeart Radio App for this unique podcast that is a lot of fun for us.


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