Does Election Day Bring Relief?

It’s finally here, Election Day!  At long last the mailers and ads will stop.  The robocalls, text messages and emails invading what you thought was your private space will be done and we can get back to our non-election season lives.  Let’s hope we make the right decisions, even with candidates that have not.  The campaign season was ugly and it stayed that way right to the end.  If they govern like they campaign, we are in for a wild and ridiculous ride. 

Before we get wrapped up in the election talk we’ll take a look at what we do when the office decides to send us home,  a high school vocabulary test that has some telling vocabulary and a northern governor who likes what government does here better than his home state.

On the election front we will see how a rally led by President Trump showed a lot of class, but it didn’t last.  We expect election turnout to be heavy in Brevard and we’ll talk to Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott at 7:42.  Polls will have been open since 7am and early turn out may tell us what the day holds.

And the polls, they are swinging in the wind this morning as we will have the final say.  Are you buying what the polls are saying?  Are they anywhere close to correct?  Tonight will tell and we’ll get to see those results in the morning on BML.


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