Mick's Morning News: 11.05.18

Teen Accused Of Killing Mom  (DeBary, FL) -- A teenager is accused of killing his mother in Volusia County. It happened in a DeBary home. Deputies say 15-year-old Gregory Ramos choked 46-year-old Gail Cleavenger this weekend during an argument over Ramos' grades. Two of Ramos' friends were arrested for helping him bury his mom's body, and Ramos is being held in a juvenile detention center.

Tallahassee Shooting Suspect Had Ties To Volusia County  (Deltona, FL) -- The suspect in the deadly Tallahassee shooting has ties to Volusia County. Scott Beierle [[BEER-lee]] lived in Deltona and was a substitute teacher known as Mr. B at Deltona Middle School last year. Students who remember him told a Tallahassee newspaper he was a psychopath, weird, creepy and crazy. The 40-year-old Beierle is accused of killing two women and injuring five at a yoga studio this weekend before taking his own life.

Newborn Left With Disney World Employee  (Lake Buena Vista, FL) -- A search is underway to find the parent of a newborn that appears to have been abandoned in Orange County. Deputies say a guest walked into the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World early yesterday morning with a baby. The woman says someone left the baby with her and walked away. The baby is in good health, and DCF is investigating.

Thieves Using Child To Gain Entry To Homes  (Tampa, FL) -- A couple is accused of using a child to help them rob homes. Tampa Police say the suspects robbed two homes last week. Victims say the couple shows up at homes with a child who appears to be about six-years-old and ask if the child can use the bathroom. Police say the thieves have taken cash, jewelry and prescription drugs.

Early-Voting Precinct Runs Out Of Ballots  (North Miami, FL) -- A problem at a Miami-Dade polling location could be a sign of just how unique this midterm election is. A precinct at the North Miami Public Library ran out of ballots yesterday on the final day of early voting. Ballots were brought in from other locations, and after a wait that lasted up to 45 minutes, everyone in line got to vote. The county elections supervisor tells the Miami Herald this is the first time she can remember a precinct running out of ballots.

Organization Will Deliver Pizza To Long Lines At Polling Stations  (Undated) -- An organization called Pizza to the Polls is literally feeding democracy. Americans are predicted to turn out to polls on Tuesday's midterm election in record high numbers, which means there will likely be some long lines. Pizza to the Polls will deliver pizzas to long lines at polling stations around the country to make sure an empty stomach isn't the reason an American doesn't cast their vote. To request the pizza simply go on the Pizza to the Polls website and report a long line through links to tweets or other social media as evidence. Pizza to the Polls isn't partisan and is run off donations.

Tesla Roadster Now Past Mars  (Undated) -- The red Tesla Roadster launched into space by SpaceX last February has now passed beyond Mars. The car owned by Elon Musk was launched on SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket's first voyage. Images of the sports car, along with an astronaut mannequin dubbed Starman behind the wheel, were broadcast around the globe. SpaceX posted the car's current location on Twitter Friday. Now in orbit around the sun, scientists say there's a small chance the car could return to Earth or smash into Venus in the next million years.


2011, a decayed tooth that once belonged to late Beatles legend John Lennon sold at auction for more than $31,000.00

1994, George Foreman became the oldest heavyweight boxing champion in history by knocking out Michael Moorer in the tenth round of their title fight in Las Vegas.

1968, Richard Nixon was elected President of the United States.

1955, the first FM stereo broadcast was made.

1946, Chuck Connors of the Boston Celtics became the first NBA player to shatter a backboard during a game. Connors later went on to become television's "The Rifleman."

1939, the first U.S. post office was established.

1935, Parker Brothers launched the game Monopoly.

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