Election Eve...and maybe the nonsense will stop!

It was a good weekend for me, a frantic one for candidates and campaigns.  I’ll take mine any day!  Let’s start with a test drive of a GMC Sierra SLT 4x4 pickup truck from our newest sponsor, Smith Buick GMC. What a drive!  I’ll tell you more about it during the show.  Then the same could be said about the WVU Mountaineers in the most exciting college football game of the weekend!  In a come from behind, last minute victory, it would have been easy to go for the tie and overtime.  The Mountaineers had the confidence to put the ball in Will Greer’s hands to go for the win with a 2 point conversion.  While it was ultimately successful, they had to do it twice!

You’d think teachers of all people would be clued into the PC culture in which they work.  Ummm, not so much in Idaho.  Dressing as a border wall and in stereotypical Mexican garb got these educators an education.  And I am not sure it’s comforting at all, pretty sure it’s not, but Brevard isn’t the only place where campaign stupidity is going on.  People from both sides are decrying the idiocy and even the media can’t stay away from stupid polling place stunts.

Andrew Gillum has let a staffer go for his racist comments, but did the loudmouth actually reveal too much of what is thought inside Camp Gillum?

The face of Florida’s electorate is changing and I’m pretty sure it could be for the better.  You’ll see what I mean and it may be the key to stopping the campaign idiocy we have seen in this election cycle.

And we have a story that highlights why automatically restoring felon voting rights is a really bad idea.


Border Wall costume gets 14 suspended

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Florida’s changing voters…may be a good thing!

And we are voting to restore rights automatically?

Florida Constitutional Amendments

James Madison Institute Amendment Guide

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