For the Stupid- believe the science?

The legislature tried, but it isn’t going to happen.  Just like every other year of most of our lives we’ll set the clocks back this weekend.  As usual, Congress is the problem.  While the dope smoking crowd will ignore it, there’s a study out that shows kids (sad we have the data) who stop smoking pot regain cognition skills after they quit. The phrase “For the Stupid” comes to mind.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is turning down the donations raised for his defense on a Go Fund Me page.  Good for him.  He’s a class act all the way around.

We have even more reasons Andrew Gillum should not be elected to any office, much less the governorship.  He just doesn’t have the ethical make-up to be in the job.  While Rick Scott delayed answering the questions about President Trump’s comments on ‘birthright citizenship,” the candidates for governor weighed in yielding yet another reason to vote DeSantis.

In our “Children at Play’ section we’ll take a look at Florida Today‘s story on the SIGN WARS in Palm Bay.  Candidates in the Florida House d-53 race have taken campaigning to the lowest common denominator as they battle for turf and lose votes at early voting sites.  It validates the observations in my column that comes out to INSIDERS today at 10am.

And Jorge and I will have some fun in the BML Aftershow Show at 10am on Facebook Live and the iHeart Radio App.  We’ll look at what Cedric the Entertainer says about political correctness, a Florida man in trouble for his antics during Monday Night Football- and he’s only a fan, a reason to go to a Bernie Sanders rally and a gal in Great Britain who is engaged to a ghost, but not without experiencing, um, phantomlike marital bliss beforehand…over and over…and over.


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