WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Immigration and Elections

Wide Open Wednesday has a huge dose of statewide politics; it is the season, after all.  But we’ll start the day with a follow-up to yesterday’s “medical” marijuana story.  The state wants to defend the status quo.  A policeman urging meeting violence with violence is taking heat.  Maybe he should.  He immediately started backing away from what he wrote for a police publication.  While his word choice was poor, his suggestion deserves serious consideration.  One third of our college students believe violence is appropriate to stop hate speech.  Given that they need trigger warnings, safe spaces, puppies and coloring books if they are offended, no wonder they want someone to stomp those who send them crying.

Turnout appears to be record setting in this mid-term election.  3 million ballots have been cast in Florida and there are more every day.  The question is: just who is turning out and how are they voting?  When pressed n the president’s comments on “birthright citizenship” Governor Scott walked away from the media.  He later issued a statement.  The candidates for governor are speaking to it.  There is a distinct difference in that race and we’d better be smart.

Other than that…what’s on YOUR mind?  It’s what this day is all about.


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