Mick's Morning News: 11.01.18

Kidnapped Child Found Safe  (Holly Hill, FL) -- A baby is safe after a scary incident in Volusia County, and her nanny could face charges. A six-month-old girl was kidnapped yesterday afternoon in Holly Hill, but she was found unharmed a short while later at an apartment complex. The child was taken from Arrow Service and Towing after a man drove off with a car the child was in. Police tell News6 they'll arrest the girl's nanny, who left the girl in the car with the unidentified man who drove off with the car.

Stuck Shrimp Boat Pulled Out To Sea  (Ormond Beach, FL) -- There's a noticeable absence at a Volusia County beach. The shrimp boat that was stuck in the sand in Ormond Beach near Cardinal Drive was pulled out to sea early Wednesday morning. The boat had been stuck for two weeks, and attempts to free it drew hundreds of onlookers.

Pamphlet Tries To Shame Residents Into Voting  (Pensacola, FL) -- One effort to get out the vote isn't sitting well with some voters. Neighbors in Santa Rosa County recently got a mailing from the Club for Growth that grades them and their neighbors on how often they vote. One woman was upset to find the PAC gave her a 'D' grade based on her voting history. The mailings aren't breaking any laws, but she tells Channel 3 News she feels like she's being targeted.

Amtrak Train Collision  (Putnam County, FL) -- No injuries are being reported after a collision between an Amtrak train and a garbage truck. More than 100 passengers were on board at the time. It happened yesterday along U.S. 17 in Putnam County. The FHP is investigating what led to the accident.

Airports Ask For Safer Looking Plane Arrival Emoji  (Undated) -- Airports are asking for safer looking plane arrival emoji. The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Twitter account got the ball rolling with a request to Unicode asking that the plane's image not tilt nose down toward the runway. They asked for a "re-angling" on behalf of pilots everywhere. Others quickly chimed in. Memphis International Airport called the emoji "a little too...crash-y." St. Louis Airport tweeted "Thank goodness someone said it." The familiar blue and gray airplane arrival emoji made its debut in 2014.

Lunar Rocks Might Go For $1 Million In Auction  (New York, NY) -- Three small moon rocks are expected to net anywhere from 700-thousand-dollars to one-million-dollars in an auction at Sotheby's. The lunar pieces were brought back in the 70s from an unmanned Soviet spacecraft where they were then presented to the widow of a former Soviet space program director. The rocks will headline the Space Exploration auction in November for Sotheby's. It is only the second time in history that someone will be able to legally purchase pieces of the moon.

Woman Allegedly Stabs Husband Over Medical Marijuana  (Littlestown, PA) -- An elderly Pennsylvania woman is in trouble with the law for stabbing her husband because he wanted to use medical marijuana. Palma Conrad is accused of attacking the man at their Littlestown home earlier this week and she told authorities she was sick of the man's drug use and was disappointed to know he was still alive. The victim was last reported to be in stable condition and the 70-year-old Conrad has been spending her time at the Adams County Prison.


2017, The Houston Astros became World Series champions for the first time.

2015, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series for the first time in 30-years. They beat the New York Mets in five games. The Royals last won the World Series in 1985 and lost the Fall Classic the year before.

1991, Clarence Thomas took his seat on the United States Supreme Court.

1979, Lee Iacocca became CEO of the Chrysler Corporation.

1964, Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns became the first running back to rush for ten-thousand career yards.

1939, New York's Rockefeller Center opened.

1911, the Chevrolet Motor Company was incorporated.

1800, John Adams became the first President to live in the White House in Washington D.C..

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