Mick's Morning News: 10.31.18

Video Shows Car Used In Volusia County Shooting  (South Daytona, FL) -- A new video could contain a clue in a Volusia County shooting. The video released yesterday shows a car drive by the county's Republican Party office in South Daytona early Monday morning. Police believe someone in that car may have fired four shots that shattered the building's windows. No one was hurt in the shooting, and police haven't determined if the shooting was politically motivated.

Computer Reveals Sayoc Planned Bombings Back In July  (Miami, FL) -- A file found on his computer is giving investigators a look into how long Cesar Sayoc was planning his nationwide bombing campaign. Investigators found a file titled 'Debbie W' that was created in July and appears to reference Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Prosecutors say the amount of evidence they have collected so far against the 56-year-old is overwhelming. The Aventura resident is due in court Friday morning in Miami.

Gillum Reacts To Trump's Vow To End Birthright Citizenship  (New Port Richey, FL) -- Andrew Gillum believes the president's latest attempt to fight illegal immigration may be illegal. President Trump recently told 'Axios on HBO' he'll sign an executive order to outlaw birthright citizenship. Gillum was asked about it yesterday after a campaign appearance in Tampa Bay, and the Democrat said it's another attempt by Trump to place himself above the law. Gillum also told the Tampa Bay Times Trump's plan to send the military to the Mexico border is not consistent with our values.

USF Presents Plan For Driverless Shuttles  (Tampa, FL) -- The future of transportation could be coming soon to USF. School researchers yesterday went before the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization. They revealed their plans to introduce driverless shuttles on campus. The year-long pilot program needs about 700-thousand dollars in funding for two shuttle cars.

Documents Offer Early Look At Universal's Fourth Theme Park  (Orlando, FL) -- Some details are in on what Universal is planning for its next theme park. The company this week filed documents related to what will be its fourth park on more than 500 acres. The plans include two hotels at what used to be Wet 'N Wild, a four-thousand room resort, 100 acres of new roads and a parking lot for five-thousand cars. One industry expert tells Channel 9 whatever Universal has in mind better be big to compete with what Disney is planning in the next few years.

Flat Earth Conference To Be Held In Denver  (Denver, CO) -- Hundreds of people who feel that the Earth is flat are headed to Denver to discuss it. Organizers say they've sold more than 400 tickets to the Flat Earth International Conference which begins November 15th. Colorado is apparently home to a number of people who believe that the Earth is flat and that's one reason Denver was chosen to host the group's second conference. One organizer tells the Denver Post that Flat Earthers believe the Earth is stationary in space and other planets and stars orbit around it.

Police: Man Crawls Under Sidewalk, Prompting Power Outage  (Spokane, WA) -- Charges are being filed against a Washington State man accused of causing a power outage to an area by crawling under a sidewalk. Casey Thompson allegedly got under the street after lifting up a sidewalk grate recently and the area had to be closed down. There is a load of high voltage power below the sidewalk and the power was cut for a time while officers tried to convince the 22-year-old to come out. Police eventually got him out and arrested him for mischief.


2011, the United Nations announced the world population had reached seven billion people.

1941, Mount Rushmore was completed.

1922, Benito Mussolini took control of the Italian government.

1864, Nevada became the 36th state.

1517, Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Palace church, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in Germany.

834 A-D, the first All Hallows Eve was observed by all churches to honor the saints.

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