NBC: Poster Child for Media Bias

It’s not my thing, and I’m not sure the voters did the right thing, but a Florida court has ordered the state to get on with the “medical” marijuana licensing.  It’s the law that violates Federal law, but hey, go for it.

The press is often under fire.  Bias, political agendas and anti-Trump venom are seen regularly.  The press has earned the criticism and NBC is the poster child for the scrutiny.  His acts have cost most media outlets to avoid their most recent darling, attorney Michael Avenatti.

Over the weekend the Volusia Republican Party HQ was shot up by an unknown assailant…what are we coming to?

In today’s BML Aftershow Show at 10 on Facebook live and later on the iHeart Radio App Jorge and I will talk about umpiring the longest World Series game in history, one person reported the mail bomber two weeks before the bombings came to light.  When you see where she reported it, you’ll know why he wasn’t stopped!


Judge orders state to implement “medical” marijuana

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Gunshots at Volusia Republican HQ

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