The Flag, Coffee Cups, Sex Offenders and Halloween

Friday we talked civility and coming together as communities.  Here‘s something to bring folks together…unless they are code enforcement: the American Flag.  We also have another look at government too big for its britches with sign enforcement.  Halloween is upon us and one Georgia town has a plan for sex offenders.

We have an interesting look at multicultural support after the Pittsburgh shooting.

Andrew Gillum’s dealings with the undercover FBI agent investigation corruption in Tallahassee are bigger than we have known.  Will it be too late to impact the election?  Does it matter where candidates for election live?  History tells us it does not!

The press at large should be really upset with NBC.  They held back evidence that would get a prosecutor in trouble if withheld from the defense.  In the process the entirety of media took a hit.

And in today’s BML AFTERSHOW SHOW Jorge and I talk a crazed killer, dumping grandma at Disney, umpiring the longest World Series game and more PC at school where telling girls to cover up is a no-no.  We get that started at 10 on Facebook LIVE and then the podcast section and the iHeart Radio App.


Here’s a rallying point

Halloween hoosegow for sex offenders?

Multicultural outreach after Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh suspect

Government too big for its britches…again

Gillum’s denials even less true than thought

Candidates, districts and does it really matter?

The press should be mad at NBC- giving all a bad name

The rest are running from Avenatti

Florida Constitutional Amendments

James Madison Institute Amendment Guide

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