The MICKnuggets: 10.22-26.18

10.22.18- Where is Rodney King when America needs him?


Where is Rodney King when we need him?  It’s not a question I ever thought I’d be asking myself, yet here I am.  And what drove me to this?  Why, political discourse in the country, of course.


As an example we’ll take a look at Courtney’s Restaurant and Catering in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  Tom Courtney rented out space in his restaurant to Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn who is running against the Democratic governor of the state for a US Senate seat. 


It happens all the time, right?  A candidate or campaign rents a venue to hold an event and the supporters and sometimes detractors show up and listen and speak or yell.


And while that may still happen, this goes beyond and detractors started attacking Courtney’s for allowing the event to be held.  Yelp can be a powerful tool in the restaurant business.


The politics are just way out of control, so no- we can’t all just get along.




10.23.18- Where’s Ron-o?


He may not wear a red and white striped shirt and cap, but Ron DeSantis is just as hard to find as Waldo when you want to hear him on the campaign trail.


The CNN debate was a joke.  DeSantis and Gillum sniping at each other is not informative for deciding a vote. 


DeSantis is missing several opportunities to connect with voters and I can’t be sure why.


The USA TODAY NETWORK-Florida invited both candidates to Tallahassee on separate days to be interviewed by all of their editors at once.  It was a great time saving idea.  The candidate would not have to travel to each paper and each would still have their coverage and participation in the interview. 


DeSantis agreed and then backed out at the last minute.  I had a similar experience as Camp DeSantis wanted a surrogate to appear on BML.  I said no.  They offered the Lt. Gov. candidate.  I said no.


The people deserve to hear from the candidate.  Andrew Gillum agreed to the papers’ interview.  The question now is: Where’s Ron-o?




10.24.18- Gillum Lied- Does It Matter?


Evidence released this week shows that Andrew Gillum was accepting gifts like tickets to the Broadway show “Hamilton” from the undercover FBI agent investigating corruption in Tallahassee.


Gillum had previously denied these actions.  Clearly, he knew what he was doing and with whom.


This should be the October Surprise that turns the polling and the election to Ron DeSantis’ favor.  Will it?


I wish I could say, but with the polarized state of politics in the state and the country, it’s not an easy call.  We all seem to be willing to forgive even the worst acts by those with whom we are politically aligned.


Maybe it’s because we see our bad guy as better than their bad guy.  But in this case, DeSantis doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all.


It should be a no brainer; Andrew Gillum is too close to Tallahassee corruption, if not directly involved in it, to trust him in the governor’s office.


The question now is: will the electorate get it?




10.25.18- Did DeSantis Move the Needle?


Wednesday night’s gubernatorial debate was contentious, explosive even.  In fact the first question was about the bombs shipped around the country to various democratic political figures.


It was a bad open.  I mean, is any candidate going to endorse such activity?  Of course not!


It was the last debate between Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum.  It was the first after evidence of Gillum’s interaction with an undercover FBI agent was made public by a former Gillum crony.  Could DeSantis take advantage of this bombshell report?


He did, but the question of how well it will resound with the electorate remains.


The candidates argued over who was telling the truth and who was best for Florida.


I finally saw substance from DeSantis…and my left of me co-viewer brought up to me that Gillum was talking a lot and saying nothing!


I hope the electorate overall was as observant.




10.26.18- From Kids to Cops- Gillum stacking bodies


It was bad enough that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum would have made the state’s school safety act even more intrusive on gun rights than it is, he’s also decided that our police officers are not justified in use of force.  From the sound of his comments, it seems that would mean any time.


In his appearance on the podcast Pod Save America Gillum said, “At the time that a law enforcement official has to go to a weapon, to a gun, to a baton, to a Taser…” then they have gone too far. 


Gillum then said police must instill trust in the community and then most situations will be resolved without force.  That is utopian nonsense.


He also said in the same interview that personhood keeps those in the country unlawfully from being “illegal.” If they violate additional law, then they should be prosecuted.


These ideas are dangerous for cops; they are dangerous for Florida.  Florida can’t afford to have Andrew Gillum win this race.


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