RBG gets one right; Megyn Kelly backtracking to Fox?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has weighed in on the Supreme Court confirmation process and she nails the responsible parties.  What does commentary in violation of politically correct standards get you?  It gets you fired if you work for NBC.  Megyn Kelly may be trying to return to Fox after she drew the ire of the PC gods at NBC.

Is Florida the origin of the bombs sent to democratic leaders this week?  Could be! And why not, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has gone all out anti-cop!

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will have an election update for us at 7:42 and Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is with us in our 8am hour.  We’ll talk the tone of politics in the country and just what could lead us back to civility if it is possible at all.

In today’s BML Aftershow Show Jorge and I will look at the morning habits of successful people and another McDonald’s story that has one dog owner upset.  That show fires off at 10am on Facebook live and will be podcast here on the BML pages when it’s complete.


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