Is MANWICH on the way out?

We are losing our collective minds.  With Kleenex set to rename its MANSIZE tissues, could MANWICH be far behind?  Campaigning has entered the electronic world of instant communication.  We see it on the internet with social media and we have long seen it on television and in radio.  But, do we want to see campaign messages via text on our cell phones?  I didn’t think so.

Ron DeSantis made a political and campaign boo-boo in declining to meet with the USA TODAY NETWORK papers.  A campaign that has been lackluster at best should NEVER pass on earned media.  He had an opportunity to be heard across the state on issues of substance and he turned it down.  He’s getting bad advice from somewhere.

We continue our look into the amendments on Florida ballots in our third hour as EFSC Government instructor Nicole James joins us for a look at how these amendments will impact us if passed.


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