BML Monday: What NOT to do...

As Brevard welcomes Security Specialists in to our elementary schools this morning, we are contemplating an election where they could be supplemented with Guardians as outlined by the sheriff in his STOMP program.  The School Board will see two new members and the balance that would not allow for guardians could change.  Of course our candidate videos will remain prominently displayed near the top of the page at

 Last week’s INSIDER COLUMN was Mick’s Picks on my candidate votes in the November election.  This week’s column will have Mick’s Picks on the Constitutional Amendments on the ballot.  We’ll talk them leading up to the Thursday email.  We have a link for you to do your own research from the James Madison Institute.

As we begin our week we’ll look at what not to do…as a cop or as a campaign.  The political divide in the country is threatening business and if the press wants its credibility back, it should begin with facts!


Things you shouldn’t say as a cop

How not to campaign

Political divide threatens businesses

Mainstream press needs its reputation back…start with facts

There goes MANWICH- Kleenex to rename offensive tissues

Supreme Court to lead us toward civility…could be!

Judge orders state to implement “medical” marijuana

Gillum wants $50k starting teacher salary

Florida Constitutional Amendments

James Madison Institute Amendment Guide

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