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WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY took off and we got to exactly ONE of my topics on yesterday’s show.  And that is perfectly fine with me; it’s what the day is all about.  Today we have a couple of interesting leftovers and several new stories to sink our brains into and we’ll do just that.

Bill Maher may be liberal, but he’s honest and he takes on the left when he sees them wrong and when he does, he thinks a lot like us.  Facebook is playing politics as we head into the election, but at least they are playing at both sides.  Bill Nelson must be desperate.  Maybe the internal numbers aren’t good, but he wishes that Hurricane Michael never happened and not for the same reasons as the rest of us!  The ballots are now officially set.  Amendment 8 is out, but the rest are in as the Florida Supreme Court says bundling issues in amendments is just fine with them.  It shouldn’t be with us as the Constitution Revision Commission played politics harder than most candidates with this trip through the constitution.  The Florida Republican Senators committee is going after Mel Martin and that’s a good thing.  Some won’t like it, but go review her interview with us.  She is the far left gal they describe in the new ads.  And, at long last, Security Specialists will be patrolling Brevard Schools next week.  These well trained professionals will do an excellent job protecting our elementary schools if, a BIG IF, they are allowed to do the job of protecting.  They aren’t in place in enough numbers, one per school won’t cut it and that’s why the Guardian Program is so important.

That should be enough to hold us on a Thursday, but we have even more that we’ll not get to until the BML Aftershow Show #4 which will be LIVE on Facebook at 10am and available as a PODCAST shortly after the show’s conclusion.  Jorge and I are having a great time with this less structured version of what we do and we hope you’ll join us live or enjoy the PODCAST when you have the chance. Link to Dry Bar Comedy


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Bill Nelson wants hurricane in the past

FL Supremes say YES to bundling of amendments

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Security Specialists at our schools next week

Judge orders state to implement “medical” marijuana

Gillum wants $50k starting teacher salary

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